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"Resurrection" Diamond Cross

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The Resurrection Cross is hand-crafted from solid 10K Rose or Yellow Gold with Sterling Silver accents. Choose either solid 10K Rose or Yellow Gold side crosses with the center cross that displays 19 radiant Lab Created Diamonds having a total diamond weight of .33cts.(3/4") or .45cts.(1") total weight.  Each cross arrives on a finely detailed solid Sterling Silver chain. All Sterling Silver is layered with Rhodium to ensure lasting beauty for years to come.

"The Lord makes all things new."

No biblical account shares the saving-love of Jesus more than Christ’ death on the cross, taking the sins of humanity upon his blameless shoulders. The radiant white stones forming the center cross embody the beauty, purity, and strength of the Savior.
In this same account, two thieves joined the Savior on Golgotha. One thief rebuking and rejecting the love of Jesus, and his story is seen in the rough and lonely cross on the right. The other thief, however, recognized who he hanged beside; he saw the truth and asked his Savior to remember him in paradise. This man’s legacy is personified in the smooth cross on the left, close-to and dependent upon the Savior. Because of his faith, this man’s sins were polished away, and he was made new. The saving love of Jesus brings what was dead back to life. Let this piece remind and encourage you that your Savior indeed makes all things new.
This is Resurrection.