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The Redemption Cross- Sterling Silver

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The Redemption Cross exemplifies Colossians 2:13-15 and signifies that we have turned from our "rough and rugged" past and have allowed Christ to nail our sin to the cross. With the cross and nail representing our past and future, this cross signifies our repentance and new life in Christ.

"I redeem you from your past, present, and future."

Jesus came to earth to free the enslaved, to heal the sick and dying, and to redeem the fractured relationship between humanity and Himself. Interwoven throughout the scriptures are moving narratives and accounts of this love and deliverance. Likewise, the story of God’s redemption can be seen in the stirring strength and simplicity of the Redemption Cross. 
The rough and rugged upper section of this piece suggests the strife and stubborn delinquency of life before salvation. At the point where the nail meets the cross’ beam, the active power of Christ’s redemption is clearly depicted. At this place of contact, healing, restoration, and redemption are made evident; the damaged areas have been healed and the rough places made smooth. The sweeping transformation illustrated in this work is a clear and continual reminder of the thorough, lasting, and miraculous redemption of Jesus. This is the power and love of the Savior.
This is Redemption.